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Miru s/n, Sector Tahai - Isla de Pascua - Chile



Guided tours

Our excursion will allow you to visit the main archaeological sites together with highly skilled and knowledgeable native guides on the latest scientific theories of the ancient oral traditions. The tours are preferably performed in Spanish, French and English.

- Half Day Excursion

- Full Day Excursion

Adventure Tours

Feel the contact with the environment by riding on the Island places inaccessible to vehicles, down to their caves or in a stimulating trekking through inhospitable places.


Be amazed by the incredible underwater scenery and endemic wildlife varied diving in the cleanest in the world or enjoy the amazing view of the island checking out the rugged coast waters.


Population 5035 inhabitants (2011)
Density 30,8 inhab./km²
Coordinates 27°7′10″S 109°21′17″O
Timezone UTC-6; UTC-5 en verano

Programs include:

- Welcome with garlands in Mataveri International Airport.
- Transfer to and from the Airport.
- VAI MOANA Hotel Accommodation.
- Half board.
TOUR 1: half day visiting: Rano Kau and Orongo Ceremonial Village.
TOUR 2: Half day visiting: Puna Pau and Ahu Akivi.
TOUR 3: Full day visiting: Akahanga, Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Te Pito Kura, Anakena Beach with Ahu Nau Nau.

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Programs Descripción Habitación
4 NIGHTS Single Harevaka US$ 923 per person. 
Doble Twin Harevaka US$ 635 per person. 
Doble Matrimonial Harevaka US$ 635 per person. 
Triple Superior US$ 509 per person. 
5 NIGHTS Single Harevaka US$ 1128 per person. 
Doble Twin Harevaka US$ 721 per person. 
Doble Matrimonial Harevaka US$ 721 per person. 
Triple Superior US$ 590 per person. 
7 NIGHTS Single Harevaka US$ 1540 per person. 
Doble Twin Harevaka US$ 910 per person. 
Doble Matrimonial Harevaka US$ 910 per person. 
Triple Superior US$ 735 per person. 

Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum

Although the island itself is seen as an open air museum, full of moái, ceremonial sites, ahu and petroglyphs, the Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum has a large collection (about 1500 pieces) representing the cultural heritage of the island. The museum, founded in 1973, also has a large collection of photographs, archives of traditional music, a library with 3000 publications and the only moái female found.

Parties & places of interest

Some attractions that can NOT stop found on Easter Island

TAPATI (cultural tourism holidays)
Ovahe Beach
Anakena Beach
Orongo ceremonial village
Rano Raraku Volcano
Ana Kai Tangata Cave
Puna Pau quarry
Tahai Ceremonial Center (Ahu)
Ceremonial Center Tongariki (Ahu)
Ceremonial Center Nau Nau (Ahu)
Ceremonial Center Akivi (Ahu)
Ceremonial Center Urenga Uri (Ahu)

In February each year the festival is celebrated Tapati, the main artistic and cultural activity of Rapa Nui, which begins the first week of February and lasts about 2 weeks. In this festival a series of ancient ceremonies as body painting competition (or Takona), the story of epic stories and legends (Riu) and the high rate of descent of a hill on banana trunks young (or Haka Pei are made ) and the election of the queen of the island, which is crowned the first full moon of the month. This holiday hotel accommodation and food full capacity of Rapa Nui.